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Magellan Debt Recovery has dedicated it's time and resources in developing a robust team of experts and selecting the right technologies to cater to the U.S. government and Commercial entities.  Magellan selects its technology platforms based on providing the most advanced features and functions, highest security standards, reliability, integration opportunities, ease of use and cost effectiveness for our clients and their customers.  In our fast changing world, it is important that our technology partners keep up with shifting business requirements. We partner with technology companies that are always enhancing their applications with additional functionality, security and flexibility. This helps Magellan to always be at the front of technology and provide our clients the best possible services.  With nearly three decades of Revenue Cycle Management and Debt Collections, we know what it takes to find solutions, navigate complicated client requirements, and get things done.


Customer Experience Platforms


A cloud based debt collections software solution managing and tracking debt collection cases. Developed in partnerships with several collection agencies and successful collection attorneys. Simplicity Collect is flexible and robust and used by debt buyers, collection attorneys, collection agencies, and judgement recovery specialists all over the world.

Simplicity Collect software platform provides end to end management of collections, agencies, contacts, automated notices, call back scheduling, clients, commissions, credit bureaus, and all transactions.


A cloud base Magellan requires redundancy be built into every system, application and network configuration it operates for its business. By utilizing our providers redundant cloud technologies and multi-path redundant networks to guaranty the best uptime and fail over backup processes available.

Telephony Platforms


Customizable, Omni-channel, Cloud-Based Contact Center Software Platform. TCN provides all aspects of today’s modern Contact Center platforms. TCN is a technology leader for enterprises, contact centers, BPOs, and collection agencies worldwide.


​TCN provides end to end skills based customer contact routing, management, control and reporting. Technologies include Manually Approved Dialing (MAC), predictive dialing, auto dialing, preview dialing, IVR, call recording, and business and voice analytics. Inbound, outbound, Mobile SMS, and email transactions.



Is a contact center platform that is customizable to any Contact Center. Providing end to end skills based routing for inbound and outbound calls, Email, and customer web site chat. In a single agent interface.

Its outbound capabilities include preview, power, manual, and predictive dialing. Inbound calls handling by its automatic call distribution features, skills based routing and IVR capabilities. The system provides real-time operation dashboards and end to end reporting.


Broadband Dynamics (BBD)

BBD MPLS solutions provides our customers with a fully private, dedicated connectivity between their sites and BBD network POPs located in geographically diverse locations across North America.  Most carriers connect their clients to a single network POP, which introduces a single point of failure at the carrier network level.  BBD’s design enables our clients to connect to multiple POPs using a single connection, allowing our clients to obtain “carrier network level” diversity inherent to our standard connectivity solutions 

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